Yvan Prokesch is renowned for his exacting work and elegant style. He can design and transform any type of property – his portfolio includes apartments, holiday homes, chalets, townhouses, loft apartments and offices. His carefully crafted finishes and sense of aesthetics have become a trademark of his work.

Interior Design

Yvan Prokesch can take care of everything, from the basic layout to the choice of home linens. He designs bespoke furniture and accessories, fittings and decorative schemes, and works with a wide network of craftspeople, who help bring his unique interiors to life.

Art advisor

Yvan Prokesch prides himself on his extensive knowledge of the art market. He is a regular visitor to all the major international art fairs and is in contact with gallery owners in New York, Paris and Geneva. Whatever the medium – painting, sculpture, photography or the visual arts in general – Yvan Prokesch can source the perfect finishing touch for any interior.

Furniture and Lighting

Yvan Prokesch works with an extensive network of antique dealers, cabinet-makers and manufacturers of both contemporary and antique furniture and lighting fixtures, and knows where to find the best designs in New York, Paris, Milan and Geneva.