Yvan Prokesch : 

Bespoke Architecture

Mastery of space, an innate sense of aesthetics and great attention to detail are the DNA of Yvan Prokesch’s work. This 38-year-old architect is steeped in New York style, more so than any other architect in French-speaking Switzerland, and combines recognised skills with a highly creative approach. His preferred area of work is luxury interiors; his transformations are impressive. Prokesch breaks down the barriers between architecture, art and design and appropriates spaces in his own inimitable way, while reflecting the personality of their owner. The result? The epitome of architectural chic.

Yvan enjoys large-scale, challenging projects, which he oversees to the last detail. Perfectionist, daring, a lover of minimalism and glamour, Yvan Prokesch combines Swiss precision with American flamboyance – an identity of contrasts, shaped by an unusual career path. At the age of 20, with his architecture diploma under his belt, Yvan Prokesch left Geneva for the United States, where he won a place at Arizona State University in a competitive exam and obtained a Master’s Degree in Architecture. He then attended the prestigious Columbia University in New York. In 2000, he obtained a Master’s in Advanced Architectural Design and joined the Billinkoff practice in Manhattan.

For ten years, Yvan Prokesch worked for the most demanding clients, making full use of his expertise and sense of aesthetics. He deployed his talents as a designer in many ways, transforming a private townhouse into an architectural gem, reworking a Manhattan apartment in a pared-back style and creating interiors for houses in the Hamptons. His impeccable work, meticulousness and appreciation of beautiful craftsmanship enabled him to make his mark in the luxury residential sector.

This fashionable young architect can be found at all the iconic art shows – from Art Basel to the Milan International Furniture Show and the Paris FIAC (a leading contemporary art fair). Over the years, he has been inspired by a wide variety of influences, including fleeting glimpses and memories of his travels, as well as the work of those he admires – Mies van der Rohe, for his “Less is More” and “Gott steckt im Detail” approach, Luis Barragán, for his modernism and use of colour and Peter Zumthor, the embodiment of Swiss minimalism.

Back in Geneva, Yvan Prokesch works on commissions that reflect his many talents. After designing interiors for 34 luxury apartments in Chêne-Bougeries, he is now undertaking a new architectural project in conjunction with the famous Zurich architectural duo Gigon/Guyer, designers of the Prime Tower in Zurich. He is also currently working on a project in New York …

Yvan Prokesch’s projects are many and varied, but his style is always recognisable – contemporary, minimalist, with a touch of eclecticism and flamboyance – not forgetting his finely crafted finishes, which have become a hallmark of his interior design.